Do you have a project that you would like to see in print?

We help authors create books to share with friends and family, or to sell in our web store, books such as
•Family Histories
•Local or Family Cook books
•Transcribed Diaries or Letters
•Novels or Mysteries
•Collections of Poetry
•Picture Collections

Because we work with an on-demand printer, there is no minimum number of copies to be printed. Publications are printed as they are sold. The author can order as many copies as he or she wants at cost and sell or distribute them personally. Also we can place the title in our on-line bookstore, which is searchable from the Internet. Authors retain all copyrights and receive royalties from all sales through this bookstore.

We will:

•help an author create a publishable book from his or her manuscript.
•advise on and implement decisions of format, page layout, illustrations, cover design and binding.
•arrange for publication and help with marketing.

Sample Costs of Services and Requirements for Authors