Costs and Requirements

Requirements for Authors

•Provide a completed, fully edited manuscript (text) in word-processor files
•Assurance that the author is the sole proprietor of the work
•Obtain permissions for all illustrations and extended quotations
•Provide images as photographs, drawings or graphic files
(.gif, .tiff, .jpg. photographs at 300 dpi; graphics at 600 dpi)
•Provide a concept and suggestion for cover design

Authorís Rights and Decisions

•Author retains all rights (copyright and distribution)
•Author must review all drafts and proofs carefully and completely (changes to proofs may incur additional charges)
•Author sets the retail price for on-line sale
•Royalties are paid at 80% of net return for on-line sale
•Author may purchase copies (no minimum) at manufacturing cost plus shipping

Tasks for Neponset River Press

•Preparation of copy for publication including placement of illustrations
•Design of cover (front, back, and spine; dust jacket if hard cover)
•Printing of drafts before publication for authorís approval
•Uploading of approved manuscript to on-demand printer
•Ordering proof copies of publication
•Copyright deposit if author desires
•Setting up book-store account online

Estimated Costs to Author (* items vary by size of project)

•Preparation of text from clean electronic files $2.00 per page
•Preparation of illustrations $2.00 per picture
•Design of cover (color included) $200.00
•Printing of draft before publication $25.00*
•Purchase of proof copies for approval by author $25.00 each*
•Purchase of publication from on-demand printer $25.00* $50.00
•Copyright deposit (if desired) $50.00 (plus 2 copies of book)

Distribution Options

•Private project: distribution by author (no additional charge)
•On-line retail: sale by Neponset River Press (no additional charge)
•On-line retail: sale by Amazon, Borders, and other bookstores ($175.00)
Author sets the retail price based on current printing costs

Sample estimated printing costs for 1 (25, 100) copies

•6x9 soft-cover book, 316 pages $11.00 ($10.00, $9.00)
•6x9 case-bound book, 450 pages $25.50 ($22.50, $21.00)
•6x9 hard cover book with dust jacket, 108 pages $20.50 ($19.50, $18.50)
•8.5 x 11 soft-cover book, 108 pages $8.50 ($5.00, $4.00)
•8.5 x 11 soft-cover metal coil-bound full-color book, 36 pages $14.50 ($12.00, $10.50)